I’m already with (your leasing company name), how does your service affect my relationship with them?

It doesn’t. We are not competitors with your leasing company; rather, we are vendors to them. We have working relations with almost all major leasing companies, and our service does not change your program, service or terms with them. If, by chance, you are with a leasing company with whom we have not yet transacted business, simply tell your account representative that you want to source your cars through us, and put us in touch with your representative. The process for us to register as a vendor to a new leasing company usually takes 48 hours.


How much money can I really save my company?

The amount depends on several factors:


1. The size of the rebates and incentives you currently receive from the manufacturers from which you purchase new vehicles. On vehicles that are 6-24 months old and still under factory warranty, we consistently deliver 20-30% savings.


2. The age and mileage range of vehicles you wish to purchase. We can deliver vehicles as old as you wish and offer savings of up to 80% off of new pricing. We can also deliver current model year vehicles with as little as 1,000 miles on them for 10-15% less than new. You just tell us what you want.


3. The type and availability of the vehicles ordered.


How can I know that you will provide us with safe, dependable, serviced and clean vehicles?

Our procurement process is very thorough.  In addition to the wisdom and caution gained through 20 years of procurement experience, we have several steps and safeguards to consistently ensure that only the highest quality vehicles are delivered.   We do a title check on every unit using Experian’s Autocheck, and we only deliver units that have either qualified for manufacturer certification or have been through our own vehicle quality checklist.


What if there is a problem with a vehicle when we take delivery?

There won't be.  But if there is, we will take care of it.  Our "problem at delivery" percentage has averaged .005% per year, which compares very favorably with new vehicle deliveries.  The chances of a problem are slim, but again, if there is an issue, we will stay with it until the problem is resolved.  We know that your satisfaction is the key to our survival!


How specific can I be regarding vehicle colors and features when ordering from you?

We can almost always accommodate specific colors and features on any vehicle order.


Can I order any brand or model of vehicle?

Yes. Most fleet managers are locked into a single manufacturer (or two), and have to buy a certain quantity of units to qualify for their rebates and incentives. We have no such restrictions. From a base model Kia to a limited production Lamborghini, we can deliver. This offers you much greater flexibility and freedom to look at driver preferences, resale values, and your corporate image. It also creates a unique opportunity to take advantage of current market price swings.


Can you fill orders for volume purchases?

Yes, with certain limitations.  Call with your specific needs for a consultation.


Can you deliver to my drivers in different locations?

Absolutely, yes. We can deliver vehicles to almost any location in all 50 states.


Do you maintain an inventory for us to choose from?

No, for two reasons, both of them having to do with saving you money. First, we service clients in all 50 states. Transport from one centralized location would not be cost effective. We purchase units as close to the end user as possible. Second, we only acquire inventory on an as needed basis. Without the tremendous overhead of a multi-million dollar inventory, we save you even more money.


Do you offer leasing or fleet management services?

No. We are strictly an acquisition company.  We have excellent working relationships with almost every leasing company in the country, and we have no intentions of competing with them on any level.


Why haven’t I heard of this service before?

Most leasing companies will offer leasing and management services for pre-owned vehicles only if they are asked to do so.  If your fleet management company representative has not heard of our service, we can usually connect him/her with someone inside his/her company who knows us with just one phone call.